Delivering Strategic Outcomes

Delivering Strategic Outcomes

A portfolio proven in delivering strategic outcomes for our clients

Helping our clients deliver effective public services

Across the whole Public Safety sector our portfolio delivers proven solutions and services that work in partnership with our clients to deliver outcomes for both them and the public they serve.

Resolution at first point of contact

The first point of contact that many members of the public will have with the emergency services will be when they need to call for help. Making that process as quick and seamless as possible, through a multi-channel, integrated approach, has ensured that our solutions have helped our clients significantly reduce call times, for both emergency and non-emergency, as well as call abandonment rates.

Integrating with other data sources and surfacing that data, intelligently, to the control room means that many more calls are resolved at this first point of contact and crime reports can be created far quicker so that call duration is markedly reduced, freeing up critical capacity accordingly.

Control room worker at a desk
Control room with worker at desk

Identifying vulnerability

Central to our ethos in the development of our solutions has been the management of critical data; especially data relating to the points of contact and engagement that the public has with their force.

Crucial to that is being able to tie records of contact together, from whatever channel they may have come through, to ensure that a rich picture of data is presented to the call handler, quickly and accurately, so that they are able to identify vulnerability and risk to support decision making and response.

Not only does this promote a more effective service for the public it also allows the force to evaluate response requirements. For one of our clients, this has allowed them to markedly reduce response to incidents that would have previously taken time and resources away from more critical events.

Promoting effective response

The integration of data, mapping, location-based services and resource management into a single operational picture allows our solutions to support prompt decision-making with the best available information.

Prompt decision-making supported by automated workflows that actively promote available resources allows the initial response to be as quick and effective as possible. Our solutions are proven in operation to shorten response times thus helping save lives.

Once the initial response is underway the continuous, live update of data and the use of mobile access ensures the first responders are kept up to date on evolving risk and operational issues.

Fire control centre worker at standing desk
Police officer using his radio with Big Ben in the background

Supporting a mobile workforce

Our clients are increasingly becoming more mobile and the requirements for devices and access to data have, in turn, evolved. Whilst systems are now primarily mobile-capable, access to them is dependent on having operational devices that are fit for purpose.

From its origins as a service for Airwave radios our Mobile Device Management Service has evolved alongside our clients’ needs to provision, support, repair and service any device – radios, phones, tablets or Body-worn Video – across the whole lifecycle.

Our specialist teams work in partnership with our clients to deliver on-site services in support of day-to-day operations and major events, whether planned or unplanned.

Promoting staff self-service

A key to delivering effective operations is the ability to manage staff availability and half of UK Police forces use our solutions to manage duties, training and skills thus helping to ensure that the most appropriate resource is available to cover operational needs.

Empowering staff through self-service has further enhanced our support to the increasingly mobile and flexible workforces.

Two police officers using mobile devices

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