A portfolio proven in delivering strategic outcomes for our clients

Delivering strategic outcomes for our clients

Across the whole policing process – from first contact to court – our portfolio delivers proven solutions and services that work in partnership with our clients to deliver outcomes for both them and the public they serve.

Whether it is through the digitisation of processes, the ability of the systems they use to intelligently, and automatically, surface a single view of the data that they hold or the certain knowledge that their chosen technology is fit-for-purpose and remains operational the ever-increasing demand on policing means that forces are continually striving to enable their staff to deliver public services.

Key Capability – Control Room solutions

Our market-leading, flexible control room solutions, supported by our expert consultants and specialists, are proven to help you deliver your mission-critical operations.

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Control room worker at a desk
Two police officers using mobile devices

Key Capability – Device Management

Capability Introduction, Device Management, Refresh & Disposal, Specialist Services; four pillars of service underpinned by relationships with the world’s leading technology providers.

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Key Capability – Evidence Management

Digital evidence is becoming increasingly important, and criminal justice agencies must collect, store, manage and share it securely, openly and flexibly.

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A crime scene
A police officer

Key Capability – Resource Management

Our comprehensive, flexible, integrated resource management solution helps you to maximise scarce resources by giving you the information you need to make the right decision.

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Key Capability – Records Management

Our latest, next-generation solution easily integrates with emerging new technologies to meet – and future-proof – the evolving needs of every force and multi-force collaboration.

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A custody officer looking at a prisoner in a police cell

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