Solutions to support the delivery of vital public services

Technology to transform public services

The delivery of service from Central and Local Government are subject to constant evaluation and evolution.

We have a range of solutions and services that can play a vital role in transforming service delivery: from allowing service users to stream video direct to their service provider to help with repairs to interviewing technology to help support enforcement.

Key Capability – Video Streaming

ResponsEye allows  service users to share accurate location information and live footage with service providers to greatly help in making these decisions. Armed with ‘on scene eyes’ and a greater understanding of the scenario, providers gain an accurate picture of what help is required, and can ensure users receive the best, most appropriate response, as quickly as possible.

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Key Capability – Device Management

Capability Introduction, Device Management, Refresh & Disposal, Specialist Services; four pillars of service underpinned by relationships with the world’s leading technology providers.

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Key Capability – Interview Recording

Our EvidenceWorks Interview Recording System (IRS) is delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation.

The EvidenceWorks IRS solution is specifically tailored for all environments where interviews are recorded, whether audio only or audio and video – in offices or as a portable solution for use in other locations.

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