Integrated, secure communications

The DSX Integrated Communication Control Systems (ICCS) provides the mission-critical communications hub of our Control Room product range, designed to provide single touchscreen control to a host of integrated subsystems.

As the UK market leader in its field, the DSX range of solutions has a pedigree stretching back to 1991 with the introduction of the first generation DS1000 system and is a product range which has continually developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our DSX Integrated Communications and Control System (ICCS) has been at the forefront of Emergency Service mission-critical communications for over 30 years and has evolved over this time from being the first to be integrated with the original Airwave network in the UK to being the first to be approved for use on the new Emergency Services Network (ESN).

The latest release is fully compliant with the new DCS interface helping our clients manage their journey to the ESN, whilst maintaining effective operational communications.

The latest release also supports Reserve Capacity. Reserve Capacity maybe needed in the event of a failure where an Airwave Radio Control Site (RCS) goes down for a significant period of time and there are not enough CCI ports to maintain effective operational communications. In such a scenario, Reserve Capacity will be activated by Airwave and the ICCS will automatically replace CCI ports that have been lost, thereby ensuring the customer always maintains the same number of CCI ports.

We continue to evolve our ICCS through a continuous programme of innovation. The Summer release will contain two functional enhancements which will help us better test and support major releases as well as minimise the impact of upgrades and tech refreshes:

  • ICCS Auto Test is an internal development tool running automated test scripts, supporting both functional regression and load and performance testing.  This will improve the quality of future releases resulting in an even better user experience.
  • ICCS Client Auto-deploy detects and downloads the latest version of the DSX Client application if downloaded from a release repository elsewhere on the customers network, resulting in faster upgrades and shorter engineer visits and simplifying the upgrade process for everyone involved.

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