Records Management

Records Management

Our latest, next-generation solution easily integrates with emerging new technologies to meet - and future-proof - the evolving needs of every force and multi-force collaboration

Streamlining workflows by bringing your data into one place

Our records management solutions enable forces to integrate information into a single Person, Object, Location and Event (POLE) orientated data store to streamline workflows.

Featuring modules to encompass all key police functions, from crime investigation through to custody, prosecutions and appeal, our solutions support the concept of ‘digital first’, avoiding duplication by ensuring a single, accurate record. They provide anytime, anywhere access, including to mobile devices, to support flexible working without the need for 3rd party mobile solutions.

Intuitive dashboards make it easy to manage and monitor workloads, providing high level summaries and the ability to easily update individual records.

We offer built-in business intelligence and visual analytics which, combined with the most up-to-date information always being available, support more informed decision-making.

Our latest, next-generation solution easily integrates with emerging new technologies to meet – and future-proof – the evolving needs of every force and multi-force collaboration.


A fully integrated, next-generation operational policing solution

PoliceWorks is a modern, flexible and modular platform supporting critical operational policing processes. It can help transform a modern police force using a single data source to support all key areas of records management.

Modern policing has changed dramatically over recent years and is likely to continue to do so.

Police IT systems have struggled to keep up with the needs of modern policing as they have developed but, having listened to forces about what they need, now and in the future, we have designed PoliceWorks to meet this challenge.

PoliceWorks delivers:

  • an holistic solution supporting all the key business functions from crime investigation to digital case files
  • modern component-based Microsoft architecture offering a future proofed solution
  • a modern, flexible, intuitive and easy to use user interface
  • a consumer platform ‘look and feel’ reducing training time
  • flexibility to deliver anywhere, anytime access
  • a solution that’s flexible and configurable for each force – and is future proof
  • built in business intelligence and visual analytics for front line staff.



Transforming police records management systems through linking data intelligently

Our Unified Force Intelligence system (UNIFI) is based on a single shared POLE store (People, Object, Location, Event) with all data contextually linked.

UNIFI is a modular records management system that can be delivered and deployed in line with operational requirements and business change programmes.

UNIFI uses a ‘search first, then create if need be’ approach to creating new records ensuring:

  • reduced re-keying
  • removal of information silos
  • reduced data duplication and supporting data standards.

UNIFI can be deployed in a way that works for the client, based on their IT strategies. This could be the traditional model of a local solution; a local solution backed up by a managed service; a hosted cloud deployment; or multiple forces hosted in one infrastructure.


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