Evidence Management

Evidence Management

Enabling you to manage digital evidence from a range of sources, consistently, and to preserve its integrity.

Integrated, secure and proven

We’re helping the criminal justice system to capture, store, analyse and share any amount of digital evidence securely and openly with the latest management technology.

Digital evidence is becoming increasingly important, and criminal justice agencies must collect, store, manage and share it securely, openly and flexibly.

Our integrated Digital Evidence Management platform is supported by our team of expert digital evidence management specialists and can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-site. It is designed specifically for use by law enforcement and justice services, enabling you to manage digital evidence from a range of sources consistently and to preserve its integrity.

Supporting the digital future of policing

The ever-increasing challenge for digital evidence management is dealing with the rapidly mounting volume combined with the need to share evidence, even when it originates in different formats.

EvidenceWorks provides multi-media evidence management, to bring all the digital evidence relating to a crime or other occurrence into one place, for quicker, more efficient investigations.From interview recording, to body worn video, and crime scene images, this centralisation of evidence supports UK and international criminal justice agencies to process, secure, analyse and share all material on a secure, open and scalable platform.

EvidenceWorks offers interfaces to multiple controlled sources of media, and is able to handle media from uncontrolled sources – either through direct interfaces or third party solutions.Seamlessly integrated with records management systems and other justice systems, EvidenceWorks  is fully compliant with Management of Police Information (MoPI) requirements, future-proofing evidential management and freeing your officers to focus on the day job.

EvidenceWorks Integrated DEM

Ensuring digital evidence can easily be ingested, catalogued, analysed and shared from multiple sources

EvidenceWorks is a market-leading digital evidence management platform, deployed successfully in many police forces across the UK.

The EvidenceWorks Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution provides a single, networked repository with the capacity to store, secure and replay media collected from a range of sources including digital interviews, body worn video, CCTV and public-provided media.The solution is browser-based, providing an intuitive and modern user interface to reduce training time and speed of adoption.

Our EvidenceWorks DEM solution:

  • transforms operations and improves businesses processes by enabling process change and system efficiencies
  • improves data quality and efficiencies through seamless system integration, including integration with Niche RMS
  • delivers cost savings via integration, efficiencies, removing the requirement for media storage and transport
  • reduces risk of data loss through secure, robust storage and data sharing capabilities


EvidenceWorks Digital Interview Recording

Delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and nationally.

Our EvidenceWorks Interview Recording System (IRS) is delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and nationally.

The EvidenceWorks IRS solution is specifically tailored for all environments where interviews are recorded, whether audio only or audio and video – in custody suites, public protection, vulnerable witness suites or as a portable solution for use in other locations.

It provides digital recording devices that can be deployed flexibly – as standalone devices, regionally deployed or collaboratively networked.Its simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface reduces training needs and improves ease of use for staff, ensuring a smoother, more efficient interview recording process for all involved.

EvidenceWorks Web Client

Delivering a modernised, enhanced, browser-based solution for the storage and management of digital interviews and other digital evidence media where evidential integrity is of paramount importance.

The EvidenceWorks Web client provides a modernised and intuitive user interface with simple navigation and search functionality to enable quick access to key media, recordings and metadata.


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