Device Management

Device Management

Our services can be shaped to meet your requirements, built on best practice, accreditation and security, to enable you to focus on delivering key services.

Market-leading, full lifecycle management

We’re keeping the lines of emergency communication open across the UK, managing mobile devices and digital radio networks for police officers, paramedics and prison officers.

The UK’s Emergency Service Network and 5G roll-out will have a significant impact how on the emergency services communicate. Our market-leading, 25 years’ experience of managing mission-critical mobile communication devices and services enables us to help your frontline staff to communicate effectively.

Our security-cleared experts deliver services from our centres of excellence or on-site, supported by our high standards of accreditation, testing and security and our proven relationships with some of the world’s largest mobile technology providers.

Capability Introduction, Device Management, Refresh & Disposal, Specialist Services; four pillars of service underpinned by relationships with the world’s leading technology providers.

Our services can be shaped to meet your requirements, built on best practice, accreditation and security, to enable you to focus on delivering key services.


Capability Introduction

Different operational roles have different requirements for devices, be it radios, body worn video or mobile computing, but they all need to know that it will work when required. When introducing new capabilities and technology it is important to recognise that one size doesn’t fit all.

A service provider that is technology-agnostic with relationships with some of the world’s largest suppliers can ensure that you have a catalogue of suitable devices to choose from, with competitive commercial terms for the lifetime of that device.

We deliver procurement services for any device or accessory with one-stop-shop e-commerce platforms to make order fulfilment as easy as possible. Devices are delivered, configured and ready for service, directly to your staff who are also supported with easy to use online training to make sure any new capability is adopted and into service as efficiently as possible.

Device Management

However rugged devices may be the rigours of use in an emergency services context will undoubtedly lead to a repair or replacement.

From a network of national centres of excellence, or from a dedicated team on a client’s premises, we provide full repair and replacement services; including working closely with the original manufacturers and their approved service centres.

But it’s not just a break/fix service. How do you know how the devices are performing or, indeed, if they are being used? How do you make sure that they are kept up to date with software and applications that are required by the manufacturer or your operations? Our teams can take these processes on and provide you with seamless reporting and services that mean that you can focus on your operations in the full knowledge that we will be there, supporting you, 24/7/365.

Refresh & Disposal

How do you know if the ‘next best thing’ is right for your operations? We’ll take this headache away..

With strategic relationships with the major technology and accessory providers we will make sure that every option is covered when you are looking to upgrade.

We have recently exchanged 32,000 radios for one of our major clients and made sure that these were all securely disposed off in line with best practice for electronic devices and data security.

Specialist Services

We are committed to ensuring that any technology we provide is fit-for-purpose and available when and where our clients’ need it.

The support of major events in the UK’s largest cities is key to our strategic relationships with our clients. Whether it is running teams 24/7 to support security at the London 2021 Olympics or providing pre-configured radios to support policing of G7 summits our expertise is on hand to help plan and execute this mission-critical operations.

There are some events that require more specialised equipment; acoustically tested and customised earpieces for officers policing Notting Hill Carnival, for example, or testing network coverage in stadia and surrounding areas, before and during events, to make sure that there is sufficient capacity and availability.

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