Control Room Solutions

Control Room Solutions

Integrated, multi-channel platforms enhancing decision making and response

Market-leading, proven & trusted

We’re enabling control rooms to respond to every incident as quickly and effectively as possible by combining multichannel communications, live situational awareness and data in a multi-agency command-and-control capability.

Whether you’re a public safety organisation responding to an emergency call or a charity responding to a natural disaster, you must handle calls efficiently and deploy resources appropriately – and your control room is key to this.

Our market-leading, flexible control room solutions, supported by our expert consultants and specialists, are proven to help you deliver your mission-critical operations.

They allow you to balance demand, resources and response by providing data to inform the right decision, integrating different communication channels, and enabling you to collaborate with other agencies.



Innovative, integrated technology that’s transforming control room operations

ControlWorks is a next-generation control room and contact centre solution which is transforming operations. It delivers improvements in control room efficiency through integration of multiple communication channels and supporting data sources.

This means that operators are now freed from desk-bound, fixed locations – any connected device that has access to the agency’s network can perform any ControlWorks role including call taking and incident management.

Our solution features a variety of communication channels, both on and offline, incident management, data management and storage, and resource management capability, providing:

  • better outcomes for the public through detailed caller understanding and history
  • better understanding of resource requirements, risk and customer needs
  • improved resolution as the most appropriate resource can be identified and dispatched as quickly as possible
  • improved operational efficiency through rich integration and system collaboration
  • flexibility and improved activity as operators are freed from desk-bound, fixed locations



Improving efficiency through a single end-to-end control room solution

Vision allows all call handlers to respond to every caller in the most appropriate and efficient manner. Integrated communication channels minimise the time taken to gather and validate information, speeding up decision-making. Plus, fully integrated resource, mobilisation and location information ensures the best, most cost-effective response is issued every time.

The solution’s ease of use and intuitive user interface mean call handlers can deal with emergency calls more quickly, and its mobile, web-based application easily provides senior officers in the field with live, ongoing incident information direct from the control room, improving flexibility and boosting efficiency.

Vision delivers:

  • improved response times
  • enhanced situational awareness
  • mobile capability, freeing officers from fixed locations and improving incident visibility
  • cost savings through efficient use of resources and asset management
  • reduced control room pressure due to reduced voice traffic thanks to integrated, multi-channel communications.



Live ‘on scene eyes’ enhancing situational awareness and caller safety

Dispatchers are under time pressure to question emergency callers to ascertain what’s wrong, where they are and who is in danger, in order to dispatch the right resources.

ResponsEye allows emergency callers to share accurate location information and live incident footage with dispatchers to greatly help in making these decisions. Armed with ‘on scene eyes’ and a greater understanding of the scenario, dispatchers gain an accurate picture of what help is required, and can ensure callers receive the best, most appropriate response, as quickly as possible.

It delivers: 

  • real-time understanding of incidents, which is critical in protecting lives
  • accurate information, allowing more informed decision-making
  • efficient dispatch decisions, meaning more efficient use of resources
  • situational awareness and improved safety, through sharing footage with responding personnel
  • collaboration, sharing footage with partner agencies
  • collection of potential evidence throughout an event, which can prove invaluable later
  • reduced costs, by reducing hoaxes and misuse of resources.



Delivering a unified platform for radio and telephony communication

The DS3000 Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) provides single touchscreen control to a host of integrated subsystems.

The DS3000 voice and data communications hub is trusted to meet the critical needs of emergency service call-handling and dispatch across the UK. Where security and resilience in communications can mean the difference between life and death.

It is fully compatible with the UK’s Emergency Service Network and capable, through its open integration interface, of being deployed in conjunction with the latest next-generation communication networks.

And, although traditionally used by public safety agencies, we’re seeing a growth of interest in the DS3000 for use in securing communications across the critical national infrastructure sector, including oil, gas and water utilities in the Middle East.


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